Egyptian Ella

This morning, I was listening on my car tape player to a fun “Original Klezmer Jazz Band’ version of Egyptian Ella – a 1931 version with Cairo scenes is here

We’ve all been following the developments in Egypt, with their different twists and permutations.

Here are several disturbing elements:

A report suggesting that the White House was open to involvement of the Muslim Brotherhood in a  government.  The idea of making it contingent on the group renouncing violence and supporting democracy, superficially sounds good, but it has the feel of “one person, one vote, one time”.  The letter writers responding to the article make their points well.  President Obama also gives the sense of being more aggressive to Mubarak, than he was to the Iranian protesters at the time of their popular revolt.

Second, an article from the Wall Street Journal indicating that Coptic Christians are concerned about their future without Mubarak. 

Thirdly, leading opposition spokesman El Baradei ‘s support of Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood is also cause for concern. 

On the ground, in Egypt, another concern is that clashes between pro and anti-Mubarak supporters may intensify.

Egyptian Ella

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One thought on “Egyptian Ella

  1. I don’t know about Egyptian Ella, but I did see this message coming from Israel. “Dear Egyptian rioters, please don’t damage the pyramids. We will not rebuild. Thank you.”
    Seriously, Barack Obama and Mohammed El Baradei seem to be matching words pretty closely; I wonder who is following who. “Now means now”, “Dead man walking” – all pretty threatening.