Egypt, Egypt and the Brotherhood

So now Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood has been elected President of Egypt.   All the machinations since Obama’s speech in Cairo at the beginning of his Presidency have led to this moment.

The impact on the region and Israel and the U.S.’s relationship with Egypt remains to be seen, however Morsi’s initial welcoming statement to Iran would not inspire Israeli confidence.  He starts with huge internal challenges and some relatively low expectations.

Meanwhile, with all this going on in the Middle East,  the Fairfax cognescenti have to get their anti-Israel fix from Ruth Pollard, their latest intrepid reporter from Israel.  The Blank Pages of the Age blog gets it right in its derisive analysis of the Pollard/Fairfax obsession about Israel.  To the Israel-obsessed, the Gazans and Hamas can only be portrayed as helpless victims.  In a timely posting, Dr Sanity provides a helpful lesson in how to be a successful victim

Back to the Brothers – here is a good article on the subject from Caroline Glick (thanks for pointing it out, Adele).

For some religious light relief from some different brothers Come on in boys, the water is fine!

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4 thoughts on “Egypt, Egypt and the Brotherhood

  1. Caroline Glick’s latest article on Egypt: “The Muslim Brotherhood’s Useful Idiots”, is a must-read on the subject.

  2. Daniel Pipes says that the Military are still in complete contro in Egypt, while Caroline Glick says Egypt is going the way of Turkey, where the government got rid of most of the army.

  3. theozizion June 27, 2012 at 10:14 pm - Author

    Thanks Adele and Ruth, for your comments, and pointing out the Caroline Glick article. It is incisive and makes worrying sense. I’ve added it to the bottom of the blog item.

  4. Another good website on the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is ‘Family Security Matters’ which has some good links to Raymond Ibrahim’s “The Evils of the Muslim Brotherhood: Evidence keeps mounting; Liz Cheney of Fox News, “Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood President an Extremist not a Moderate” and an article on that site by terrorism expert Steve Emerson. All are concerned that the US has “welcomed” the victory of this extremist organisation, which, while pretending to the West that it is moderate, has threatened the destruction of Israel and violence against all non-Muslims. On this website is also an article by John Kouri “Politicians, Muslim Adovcates seeking control of NYPD”. This is a worrying article where Muslims are trying to stop surveillance of certain mosques by security organisations. It is time the West woke up to the threat of MB, through its front groups, in Australia as well.