Efraim Halevy discusses the Palestinian UN gambit in a broader context

Efraim Halevy, former head of the Mossad, gave an excellent talk a few years ago at the Central Synagogue in Sydney.  At the time, he reassured the audience that Israel had been thinking about the Iranian threat for some time, and had a few things up its sleeve.  I don’t know if Stuxnet was one of them, but he inspired confidence.

Now, Halevy has written an excellent analysis of the possible future scenarios for Israeli interaction with the Palestinians here.

He added that in the year 2000 he paid a clandestine visit to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem to what is called Solomon’s Stables, where he saw beautiful, 2,000-year-old columns. “They do not exist anymore because they were destroyed by the Muslims, believing that if they destroyed the remnants of the Temple area, they would destroy Jewish rights there.”

Regarding the UN vote he says “I think it is a mistake on our part to cringe every time the Palestinians say they are going to do something unilaterally. It could well be that the interim solution will be the result of two unilateral acts.  The end of all this might be a de facto dual unilateral process in which both sides will not end up on the 1967 borders. After the UN vote in September, the PA will say that Israel is now an army of occupation in a sovereign state. Let them go to the International Court of Justice and, in the meantime, Israel will not cooperate. They will wither in the sun. We need a bit of stamina, strong nerves, and not to take them all that seriously. We should exercise more self-respect… Regarding the new Palestinian maneuver, Israel should say that this is a process which we believe is illegitimate and we will not be a party to it. Tell the UN that they can vote for it. We simply will not respond to it. We are very glad that the Palestinians after more than 60 years have decided to implement the UN resolution of 1947. As far as the borders are concerned, we go by UN Security Council Resolution 242. I cannot see American or UN troops moving into the West Bank to push Israel out of five or ten kilometers.”

It’s a good article where Halevy favours an interim solution for now.

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