There is an amazing amount of wilful and ignorance-based misrepresentation in the media about what E1 atually is.

John Lyons from the Australian provides a good example of that – when he wrote (Dec 5) under the title ‘Jerusalem defiant on settlements “The E1 has been opposed for 20 years by the US and Europe as it would cut the West Bank in two, preventing a contiguous Palestinian state there”  Lyons goes on to quote others such as Ban Ki Moon “the E1 would deal an almost fatal blow to the 2-state solution”.

If Lyons is based in the Middle East,  he would undoubtably have been to the E1 area, and would realise that what he is writing about E1 preventing a contiguous state is bogus.  Lyons would have stood on the east side of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem campus, and seen very clearly the panorama extending well beyond Maale Adumin, with its potential for a contiguous Palestinian state if th Palestinians actually wanted it;  moreover Lyons (and anyone else who wants to) could have stayed in their hotel room and looked at a map of the area and realised that E1 does not prevent a contiguous Palestinian state.

Wilful anti-Israel misrepresentation by a journalist on the Middle East, while nothing new, is depressing, and says more about journalist standards than about Israel.  Lyons is a reporter for the Australian .. I am not even bothering to discuss Fairfax media which, when Israel is involved, writes primarily like a leftist blog with journalists as activists.

Maurice Ostroff writes in this letter that he all he wants to do is to present credible facts about E1, not to argue one way or the way.

Rachael Risby-Raz in her column Now Passing E1-don’t blink also provides an eye-opener to a visitor to Jerusalem exactly the extent of E1.  Those who support Israel or are not among the haters, need to first of all be informed about the facts, and then be able to provide it to others who are open to hearing the facts… striving to learn the facts is an important part of our Western norms.

.. and later note from a B’tselem representative, with some excellent critiques in response

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