Durban 3 fizzles, while the counteracting conference featured excellent speakers

Durban 3 has fortunately sunk in ignomy. At the counter conference,  Alan Dershowitz gave an excellent speech here – where he skewered the anti-Israel hypocrisy at the UN. 

At the 10 minute mark, he points out the absurdity of the statement “67 borders with mutually agreed swaps”.  It is self-evident that the implication is that swaps won’t occur unless the 2 parties agree.  So, in other words, if the Palestinians don’t agree to the Western Wall being part of Israel, it won’t happen.  All but the wilfully or non-wilfully deluded would see that this is an untenable position for Israel. 

Besides Alan Dershowitz’s excellent talk, the calibre of the other speakers was outstanding.

Meanwhile, Hussein Ibish has an interesting perspective here on where to now for Abbas… the commentators also have some good things to say.

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