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The Elder of Ziyon blog has provided important input from an Arabic interview in the Khaleej Times with Dahi Khalfan Tamim, the ubiquitous Commander in Chief of Dubai Police.  Tamim has almost single-handedly fed the news of Israel’s responsibility for the assassination,  variably saying that Israel was 99% or 100% likely to be responsible. 

Despite Israel’s involvement, including with the 26 passports being far from proven, our Rudd government and others have rushed to agree with everything Tamim has said, as if he is a wise and impartial arbiter of the facts.  Do friends regard friends as guilty until proven innocent ??

We now know that Tamim is trying to exclude anyone with a dual passport that includes Israel.  But is that all he said ?

No,  in the Arabic interview he goes on to say “Israel is a rogue state that goes beyond international legitimacy and laws. Its leaders have sick mentalities, and they need psychologists, saying that its use of passports shows great arrogance and contempt for the world. ”

“(Tamim said that) the leaders of “Israel” have blood on their hands the blood of others throughout history, pointing out that the “Israeli” people are human beings like any other people who want to be loved and open to others but that the successive governments, the Governments of bloodshed and assassinations, and wars and the Governments of the occupation and aggression, are not interested in peace in the world at all.

He added that the vanity which haunts the “Israeli” mentality stems from the time of Pharaoh, and their hate comes up to this day and age.

He said that the entire world should study the mentality of the “Israeli” leaders throughout history. Their sick psyches needs to be analyzed by psychology professors, who need to examine why they launch crises, and why they brought on themselves hate from others, since the time of Moses, peace be upon him.”

This ranting is from the Chief of Dubai Police!!  This is the man that Rudd / Smith and the other Western countries have relied on for their criticism of Israel.  Will we see the full interview with Tamim in our newspapers or will it be sanitised to preserve the credibility of the Chief ?

Leaving out statements that don’t suit is “Denial of fact by Omission”

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