Douglas Murray skewers a journalist for being wrong on an anti-Israel accusation. It proves very hard for the journalist to say he’s sorry.

Douglas Murray would have to be one of the most convincing, impressive defenders of Israel and Western culture currently on the circuit.

Murray has written an excellent article highlighting a recent UN finding that a baby of a BBC reporter killed during the recent Gaza war, was killed by a Hamas rocket, rather than Israeli missile fire.  This contradicts the journalists who rushed to anti-Israel judgement and incitement to hate.

Murrays article is here but the extra “drama” is provided by the commentator exchanges with the journalist in question Owen Jones, who dances around a refusal to say sorry for his mischievous error.

When Owen Jones tries to defend himself by saying why pick on him, because everyone else also claimed Israel was responsible,  this was one good letter writer reply: Perhaps Murray can be accused of using you in the same way you used little baby Jihad Jr.—to illustrate a larger truth. You were trying to further the narrative that Israel is always in the wrong, and Murray is trying to further the narrative that the media has a bad habit of carrying water for Palestinian terrorists. The only difference between the two of you is that Murray is the only one who’s right. It might be wise to avoid believing everything (or anything) that Hamas claims. They have no problems using their children as propaganda, and if one or two have to die to further their cause, then so be it. They have an equally easy time of it using Western media for the same thing.


The article provides a good illustration of what Israel is up against in the media bias from the BBC and like minded.

Chazak chazak v’nitchazek..


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