Doublecross and True Lies

Here’s an interesting paragraph explaining the origin of the word doublecross

According to the article, from the mid 1700s, a ‘cross’ was a transaction that wasn’t ‘square’, i.e. not honest and fair.   ‘To double’ had long been used to mean ‘to make evasive turns or shifts; to act deceitfully’.  – related to doubling back on a path you have already taken.

So “doublecross” could be regarded as an opposite of “fair and square”  – both expressions are tautological, and add emphasis.

In this week’s Australian Jewish News,  it was interesting to see the headline “FIFA exec: ‘They lied to Frank’s face'” referring of course to the vanished votes “promised” to Australia in the FIFA world cup voting.   It reads like a good old fashioned double cross, but no doubt the same delegates were promising their vote to others as well as we hapless Australians.

The Australian Jewish News also reported that Israel boycotts now official NSW Greens Policy referring to a move by the NSW Greens Senator-elect Lee Rhiannon to push through a “boycott Israel” policy at the Greens NSW state conference.  On the other hand, this is not so much a doublecross, since the Greens anti-Israel sentiments were bubbling fairly close to the surface before the Federal Election.   At least now, the NSW Greens have shown their hand – one “as progressive as a 10th century donkey”.  Any voter who is planning to abandon Labour in the upcoming NSW elections will now know exactly what a vote for the Greens will include!  Buyer beware.

Meanwhile, Wikileaks continues to provide an amazing roller coaster ride with unlikely bedfellows lining up on either side.  Wikileaks ability to strip away the public masks to reveal the truth has a great attraction.  Thus far, Israel has fared well on the leaks, with little distance between public and private stances,  whereas some of the Arab countries have had their cover blown.  However, the attraction is tempered by the need for Australia, Israel and other Western countries to have a strong U.S.A. (far preferable to a strong China, Russia or Iran).  The Wikileaks undoubtably weakens the U.S. and therefore its partners.

Meanwhile, the charges by the 2 Swedish women against Assange are looking more and more ridiculous,  and the strategy to arrest Assange makes the U.S. look even more conniving.   The episode reminds me a little of the trumped up charge in “The story of Susanna” from the Apocrypha. .. quite compelling reading, where the hero is a young Daniel. Here is a reading of the story, and a fascinating introduction here.

But for doublecrosses regarding Israel, it is hard to beat the British:
As a historical reminder; In 1939 the British Government White Paper enforced a new, rigidly pro-Arab, anti-Mandate policy which restricted Jewish immigration to a token number for five years, and afterwards at the discretion of “Arabs of Palestine – directly closing off escape for the European Jews.  The Permanent Mandates Commission of the League of Nations protested the Britain’s “White Paper” in August. Four out of the seven members intended to strike down the restrictive White Paper as a violation of the Mandate of Palestine. But WWII intervened in the few days before the League was to review the matter. The meeting was to have taken place on September 8; Germany marched on Poland September 1, and Britain declared war on Germany September 3.  In 1940, Britain prohibited transfers of most land in Western Palestine “except to a Palestinian Arab”  according to Neville Chamberlain, Britain’s Prime Minister in that most pivotal period of the shaping of British policy, 1937-1940. Chamberlain told his cabinet that “If we must offend one side, let us offend the Jews rather than the Arabs”. 
and then after WW2 the British Labour Party through Ernest Bevin went back on their pre-British election promise to open up the restrictive Jewish immigration to Palestine.  Perfidious Albion.
It makes you long for Arnold in True Lies with the truth serum, not to forget Battery Aziz.
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