Double standards yet again

This article by Eve Garrard provides an eloquent defence against the double standards that Israel has to face. 

But as Garrard also concludes, every point that she has made in response to the accusers has been made before ” forcefully, cogently, analytically; both passionately and dispassionately; with humour and with despair. It hasn’t made the slightest difference to the likes of Banks and O’Toole (whose writings she demolishes).

Gerrard’s concluding lines are a reminder of the argument by Ben Hecht in his wonderful “A guide to the Bedeviled”  to the effect that there’s no point arguing with a person when it’s the person himself that’s the problem.

On the other hand, even though the likes of Banks and O’Toole may be impervious, the larger percentage of uncommitted people looking on may well be favourably influenced by Garrard’s argument.

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