Doing some heavy lifting

The excitement at seeing the Israeli gold medal champion Sergio Britva at the World Masters Weightlifting – Hatikvah played– while an Iranian and German in second and third places respectively, stood beside him – here.

The sequel was that the Iranian and his manager have been banned by the Iranian government for “conduct unbecoming”  while the Iranian atheletes are expressing their concern at being penalised in competition and requesting clarification.  It’s been a bad time for some Iranian athletes including some doping offences.

At a similar time, an Israeli chest master, Alik Gershon, took the Guiness record of most simultaneous chess matches from an Iranian.

It is reminiscent of a mad magazine routine where pinball and other arcade game competitions were substituted for war.  The inevitable argument over a possible pinball foul however led to resumption of war.

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