Divest this – a great blog reaches 500

An excellent blog over several years has been Divest This which has provided perspective and guidance on how to successfully combat the BDS brigade.

After 500 columns, the author is scaling back.  Well done, and a reminder to look at some of Brian Lara’s 4’s and 6’s on his way to 500

Divest This’s farewell column includes some important insights, and links to wins in the ongoing fight, including #BDSfail.

Another good column looks at the failure of BDS in more detail.  He write “what do the BDSers have to show for themselves after close to a decade and a half of unceasing effort trying to isolate and stigmatize their sworn enemy (beyond Elvis Costello blowing off his Israeli fans, an unknown food coop refusing to sell Israeli bouillon cubes, and a handful of student councils passing impotent divestment resolutions in the dead of night behind the backs of their constituents)?”

.. one other good blog (BDS gone bad) has a salespitch on the unique selling proposition


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