Discussion between Saeb Erekat and Dan Meridor

On June 25th, Palestinian Chief Negotiator Saeb Erakat and Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Dan Meridor debated the current Israeli-Palestinian peace process before a packed audience at the International Peace Institute. The audience included members of the press, UN ambassadors, and others guests from academia and the diplomatic community.

Here is the video which included a question and answer period.  It’s well worth looking at, in particular the question and answer period. 

One telling point was that Saeb Erekat stated that even if a peace deal is made between Israel and the PA, the Palestinian refugees and their descendants in places like Lebanon must still be free to choose whether they go to Israel or elsewhere ie the PA don’t speak for the refugees.  So in other words, a deal with PA carries no resolution for Israeli regarding Hamas and no resolution regarding the refugees.  Dan Meridor pointed this limitation out quite plainly. 

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