Desalination in Israel

Israel’s reliance on the Kinneret and underground Aquifers for fresh water has always seemed a vulnerable spot for Israel, especially with drought and tampering being possible.

So I was very pleased to read Yaacov Lozowick’s recent article here stating that Israel has the world’s 2 largest desalination plants, and has commenced building a 3rd even larger plant.

Besides being a “light unto the nations” with water desalination technology, the plants will also be very helpful for Israel’s stability. Interestingly, Lozowick notes that Avigdor Lieberman was a major instigator of the desalination plants.

Read more about IDE technology here. and their world-wide collaborations, including work more locally with Palestinians and Jordanians.

Great work, Israel!

In Australia, we have a lot to learn from Israel regarding environment-friendly advances.  Our previous blog item on the creative ecology from Kibbutz Lotan also springs to mind.

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