Denial of reality

Fresh from the “triumph” of UNESCO calling Rachel’s Tomb a Muslim site,  a Palestinian authority report is now seeking to deny a Jewish connection to the Western Wall, as reported in the Jerusalem Post and Arutz Sheva and commented on by Phyllis Chesler

We’d like to think that there would be some sort of penalty for this denigration of Judaism and denial of reality.. which is certainly not new – as stated by Yasser Arafat, and mentioned here and here.

Here’s an apt reminder of another denial of  reality

What is intriguing is that very few newspapers will actually report the denial by Palestinian Authority representatives of the historical reality of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem… let’s see if ANY do. 

Why is that?  Is this report not newsworthy? 

After all,  the denial of the Temple’s existence can be extended to negate the Christian history of Jesus in the Temple?  Sure, forget the Jewish connection, but also would people ignore the Christian connection?  Is the failure to report because Reuters and other press services are so “in bed” with the Palestinian “narrative” that they can’t bring themselves to report anything that will cast aspersions on the veracity of Palestinians, which in turn might lessen their case?  Are the press services so compromised that they don’t even see the absurdity? Are they bought off by Saudi or other oil money?   Perhaps in a Monty Pythonesque way, the main stream press are actually amused by these outlandish pronouncements – and are pleased to see them coming.

There are some parallels with the current Korean flashpoint, where the North Koreans are being provocative to the nth degree, confident that they won’t be held to task.  Similarly the Palestinians, not content with educating their youth that all of Israel’s land is Palestine, are now seeking to obliterate Jewish connections to Israel, confident that the Main (Lame) Stream Press will say nothing.

Sadly, of course, none of this denial of historical reality will advance the likelihood of a peaceful settlement – but perhaps that is part of the Palestinian, Islamist and Leftist strategy.

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One thought on “Denial of reality

  1. How much fuss was made of the terror attack on the Iraqi church? The Church is asking how low it can bow to the Muslim bully. And many in the media are atheist leftists, graduates of the Saudi-run Middle East departments. The other reason not to publicise this travesty of Muslim appropriation of Jewish sites is that UNESCO is behind it. People in the West DON’T want to acknowledge that the United Nations is a complete joke, a sick joke, an anti-semitic joke — and an anti-democracy joke run by dictatorships. The UN has been poisoned and paralysed. And when the world is totally in the thrall of the Muslim takeover, it will be too late.