Denial of fact by omission

A few weeks ago, we all heard the BBC translator mistranslate words said by Gilad Shalit to change the sense of his statement.  Omitting words that change the sense is a common ploy that can be just as damaging as denial of fact by commission ie lying.

Honest reporting reveals a blatant example of mistranslation from a UK Channel 4 interview in Gaza.  The Gazan wheelchair athlete has no problem saying that he had rehab in an Israeli hospital after his workplace injury .. but the British translating leave out the word “Israel” lest it convey some positive sense of Israel.  Your Arabic doesn’t have to be strong to hear the word “Israeli” in Arabic.  The poor British translator missed it! see here – what a blatant and hopeless excuse for journalism, UK Channel 4.

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2 thoughts on “Denial of fact by omission

  1. Thanks for your link to the program. Because of the Honest Reporting email link to Channel 4 I was able to send a complaint straight to them.

  2. theozizion November 19, 2011 at 10:56 pm - Author

    Well done, Ruth. Dishonesty among Western journalists is shameful, and certainly worth pointing out.