Defeating the dark side

The blog Divest This, linked to on the right, has very useful pointers to combat the BDS movement.  A recent column provides insight into how attempts to boycott Israeli products in a small food co-op were successfully defeated … with the potential for the principles to be generalisable.  As is written:

“.. the rationale that the decision-makers at the Port Townsend co-op used to reach their choice was fundamentally sound and compelling. Quite simply, they determined that making a politically-oriented boycott decision required them to have expertise in (not just strong feelings about) the political situation under consideration. And they needed to be prepared to open the door to any other political boycott request and give each the same level of consideration they gave an Israel boycott.

Taking these two points to their logical conclusion would require the co-op to dedicate significant time and effort to vetting their shelves based on a broad range of political matters over which he board would have to have strong understanding (both about the political issues themselves, and the opinions of the membership). In short, they based their decision not on their personal feelings over who was right and who was wrong in the Middle East, but what was in the best interest of the organization and its members.”

I also like part of the Divest This credo –  “Divest-from-Israel campaigns are kind of like Count Dracula: no matter how many times a stake is driven through their heart, they keep trying to get up (albeit always a bit more decrepit and overwrought than the time before).”

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