David Landau and the Masochistic Omnipotence Syndrome

David Landau, former editor of Haaretz, has been visiting our fair shores on behalf of the New Israel Fund. 

Although Landau’s interviewers don’t seem to have asked him about it, the Agean Stables website provides a reminder of Landau’s immortal and disgraceful “rape” line from a while back.  It’s also a good opportunity to examine the “masochistic omnipotence syndrome” which inspires some Jews to lay any and all blame for the failure of the peace process at Israel’s door.  Mea Culpa indeed.

Landau’s line reminds me of that disgraceful cricketing moment 30 years ago that Greg Chappell continues to be reminded of.

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One thought on “David Landau and the Masochistic Omnipotence Syndrome

  1. Thanks for the reminder of the painful Chappell incident, which almost broke off relations between Australia and New Zealand (admittedly not quite the Middle East tensions).

    There must be a deeper meaning behind Greg instructing his brother Trevor to bowl the underarm delivery .. and his brother acceeding to the unsportsman-like request.

    Even though Greg was the captain, was there scope for Trevor as a player to simply refuse? Was the interaction also coloured by brotherly dynamics from prior backyard play?

    It is timely that the reminder of this brotherly interaction coincides with your Sedra commentator’s discussion regarding Jacob and Esau in Toldot. Esau was the hunter (? fast bowler / bodyline) and Jacob was the more scheming and studious one (? leg spinners and wrong-uns). Any thoughts?