Danny Ayalon speaking in London

Danny Ayalon, MK and Deputy Foreign Minister, spoke at the London School of Economics late last year.  The topic was his vision of the Middle East – he emphasised the need for 3 simultaneous tracks of 1. political dialogue between Israel and the Palestinians  2. Economic development in the Palestinian territories, and 3. building up institutions for Palestinian government.   Even though economic development is moving forwards, Ayalon lamented that rich Arab countries like Saudi Arabia have not as yet provided adequate support. 

Ayalon was heckled during his presentation, but managed to put forward a calm and reasoned argument.   Question and answer included Iran, settlements and the Goldstone Report.  The session is worth listening to, and found here.

Ayalon also recently penned a letter extending a hand in peace to the Arab world which was published in a large pan-Arab daily paper.

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