Daniel Gordis – its OK to be depressed about the Arab-Israeli conflict

An interesting article from Daniel Gordis about a recent debate he had with the J-Street Jeremy Ben Ami  – see here

After Gordis spoke, Ben-Ami replied. Gordis notes  “he (Ben-Ami) made the most important comment of the entire evening. “I just find that so depressing, he said. In not so many words, he was just saying that he cannot accept a world in which the options are so bleak – so he chooses to believe that there is a way out.

Because my view is depressing, it must be wrong.

It was the most significant comment of the evening, I thought, because it was also the most honest. What defines Israel’s position in the world today is a division not so much between those who care about Palestinians and those who don’t (though there are sadly many of the latter), not between those who tolerate the Jews and those who can’t stand them (though there are tragically a growing number of the latter), and not between those committed to a secure Israel and those who would be happy to see Israel crumble (though there are many of those, too).

The real divide is between those who can accept reality for what it is (with all the sadness thereunto appertaining), and those who cannot tolerate that bleakness – and therefore opt for delusion.”

Its an important psychological concept .. we see it with Kerry and so many others. It will lead to a delusional viewpoint, if followed,  that will put Israel in peril.

The videos from the debate are here  here  and here



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