Curious that the dog didn’t bark – The Brits and Dubai

Robin Shepherd is a good man to have around with his incisive comments related to Israel.  Shepherd also exposes to ridicule the double standards and biases among the elites that Israel has to content with. 

Shepherd’s recent column about the British response to the Dubai affair is a case in point, in which he suggests  that despite the anti-Israel posturing of the BBC, the Guardian and their ilk,  the general populace of Britain are not barking, and instead are expressing support of Israel.  

As written here,  Shepherd says that “There is something very strange going on in Britain, and Israel’s detractors are hopping mad.” … He continues “What vexes them is not so much the use of the passports per se as the fact that the kind of hysterical public furore that we have come to expect whenever a stick presents itself for the beating of Israel has singularly failed to materialise.

On the contrary, large sections of the British press have responded with barely disguised awe at the audacious operation that the Israelis had the balls to carry out.”  For instance Shepherd mentions that “Seumas Milne, a regular columnist for the Guardian and one of the most fanatical opponents of Israel in the British press, was almost tearful at the sheer refusal of both the media and the government to jump to attention in the usual manner.”   Indeed, Shepherd says that the public mood in Britain is quite pro-Israel on this matter, full of admiration. 

I like Shepherd’s analysis that “the battle for Europe’s soul is still an open one. Britain in particular is a 50-50 nation: as much the country of Churchill as of Chamberlain, as much the country of the proud and steadfast defender of democracy as of the mindless appeaser cringing and grovelling before terrorists and tyrannies.   It doesn’t always seem that way, particularly since the elite institutions of this country are so much more in thrall to the thinking of the second of those two alternatives than the first. But there is another Britain, and sometimes it shows its face.  How curious that on precisely the occasion when Britain really does have reason to be critical of the Israelis that different face of Britain should decide to come out and show itself.”

Doesn’t that read well! – Britain is “as much the country of Churchill as of Chamberlain”.  We can only hope that the Churchill side of Britain wins through –  against the Chamberlain elites.

To read more of Shepherd’s excellent daily writings, we have linked to him on the right side of the blog.

And as to the dog that didn’t bark in the night see Sherlock Holmes’ explanation in part 5 of 6 of The Silver Blaze; Arthur Conan Doyle is a fine product of Britain.

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