Cup Final

Highlights of the brilliant performance by Germany against Argentina

But isn’t it sobering to remember that brilliant Israeli movie Cup Final  (Gmar Gavi’a) Directed by Eran Riklis, and set as a 1982 World Cup backdrop to the Lebanon war. 

As summarised in Wikipedia,  “A young Israeli soldier, Cohen, is kidnapped by a group of Palestinian fighters who hold him hostage. The 1982 FIFA World Cup happens to be on during the invasion, and their mutual love of soccer, helps break down the barriers of nationalism and the historical baggage that the two bring. A kind of alliance is forged between the two men. Their relationship heads for a tragic ending as the Italian team, along with the goal scoring Paolo Rossi make their march toward winning the Cup.”

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One thought on “Cup Final

  1. Yes, Cup Final is a great movie. Thanks. Now to see who my namesake Paul the Octopus will predict to win this time.