Courage to Care feature film premiere

Earlier tonight (Sunday), I was fortunate to attend the world premiere of “The Courage of Strangers”, a feature film highlighting the inspirational work of the “Courage to Care” organisation. 

The film by award-winning producer/director Judy Mencel is a multilayered one; positive stories from child survivors of the Holocaust mix with the bravery of the righteous among the Gentiles to produce a universal message on how we all must show the courage to care.  A powerful impact of Courage to Care is that school students of all backgrounds and beliefs are taught to stand up to bullying, and not to be silent onlookers.  It’s a message of universal importance, and I would urge people to see the movie, and read more about the organisation.  Their website is here.

Thanks to letter writer, Ruth, for her response to the previous blog item on Students making a difference on campus .. we must also all summon the courage to stand up for Israel against its adversaries.

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