Costello and Cohen – 2 VERY different musicians and people

I see that our Australian shores are to be graced by Elvis Costello, the pinup boy for BDS (BS and Dreck) – “useful idiot” comes to mind.   Ozi Zion discussed his “about face” and last minute pull out of an organised concert in Israel

Jewlicious, a while back, had a good pointer to his hypocrisy here as did Robin Shepherd here.  They very much expose Costello’s limitations.

Not knowing much about Costello, I was interested to read a long article about him in a current New Yorker magazine – for an intro seen here.  The article on Declan Patrick MacManus (aka Costello)  doesn’t leave me feeling like I want to know more… or to see him perform for that matter. 

In contrast, someone who DOES perform in Israel is Leonard Cohen.  Wasn’t he wonderful again in concert in Sydney last week!  While the energy level didn’t seem to quite reach that of his most recent incredible visit,  Bernard Zuel captures the magic in this review.  My favourite –  Everybody Knows

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One thought on “Costello and Cohen – 2 VERY different musicians and people

  1. Thanks, yes, I was also at Leonard Cohen’s concert last week at the ACER Arena. He was brilliant… “Everybody knows the dice were loaded!” – that’s relevant for what Israel is facing. Despite that, Israel will undoubtably continue to thrive, and the truth has a knack of coming through… as Leonard also says, the crack is where the light gets in.