China’s ambassador to Israel, Zhao Jun, is in love

According to Ofer Petersburg in Ynet  “after three years as China’s ambassador to Israel, Zhao Jun is in love. ‘You have created miracles for 62 years,’ he says.” ..  “When I arrived here I discovered a wonderful country. What captured my heart was the residents’ friendly attitude. The friendship between Israel and the Chinese people has been going on for over 1,000 years, including during the Holocaust when Jewish refugees were given shelter in China although China was in dire straits, under a Japanese attack.”  

“On Tuesday, September 28, China marks 18 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations with Israel. The Chinese, like the Israelis, view this number as a symbolic milestone. “For us it symbolizes happiness and prosperity,” the ambassador explains.

“You might not know this,” he says, “but we in China admire you and your Jewish mind, which has brought many Nobel prizes. The free China was established in 1949, one year after Israel, but we view what you have achieved as a miracle. We are brothers, almost twins. We admire you for creating miracles for 62 years.”


 Undoubtedly, the greatest success in China and Israel’s relations is the trade ties. In the past 18 years, trade relations have been extended and have grown from $42 million to $6 billion.”

“Israel contributes greatly to China in agricultural affairs, an important and significant field in China,” Zhao says. “These days more than 20 universities have established ties with Israeli universities; nearly 20 Chinese universities have signed twin city agreements with Israeli cities; and the first Confucius Institute opened at Tel Aviv University in 2007.


All of this is great news… and also tied in with a recent article detailing how China is to market Israel as an attractive destination… somehow this puts England’s Ed Miliband, his Marxist father and his ‘Justice for Palestine’ mother, into the background.

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