Celebrating Mimouna

While Jews in Australia and elsewhere outside Israel celebrate an eighth day of Passover on Monday night and Tuesday, many Jews in Israel – especially those of Moroccan descent – are celebrating the Mimouna.  

As described in this article by Hillel Fendel,  “Mimouna is a Jewish post-Passover celebratory tradition brought to Israel by immigrants from North Africa. It begins with a festive meal, with families gathering together and opening their doors to neighbors to enjoy singing, traditional foods and spiritual nourishment for the coming months.”   One of the main centers of the commemorations takes place in Sacher Park in Jerusalem, where President Shimon Peres was again a guest of honor.

According to Fendel, two explanations for the word “Mimouna” are firstly, that it marks the hope and belief [emunah in Hebrew,  that just as the Jewish People were redeemed on Passover, so too they will merit the Final Redemption “speedily in our days.” Secondly, some scholars believe that the source of the name Mimouna is Maimon, father of the Rambam (Maimonides). 

Here is a brief video from Sacher Park in Jerusalem where Mimouna is celebrated.

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