Cassandra Wilson to be in Sydney – will she pike out like she did in Israel?

One of the more pathetic performances by an entertainer was displayed by singer Cassandra Wilson in February last year.  

As Merav Yuduliovich wrote in  Ynet:

A day shy of (the February 2012)  Holon International Women’s Festival concert, organizers learn American musician cancels; claims pro-Palestinians pressed her to join ban on Israel

Director of the Holon Theater and Women’s Festival, Guy Telem, said the cancelation caught him off guard. “We heard the news months after signing the contract and a day after Wilson was fully paid for her performance. Up until the payment we hadn’t heard about any plan to cancel.

“When I talked to Wilson I told her that the cancelation would cause great disappointment to her fans in Israel and to the audience that had already bought tickets to the concert. She said that she identifies with the cultural ban on Israel because she’s a human rights activist. I asked her why she only remembered this now and why she hadn’t told us at the time the contract was signed. I couldn’t get a straight answer.”

Telem said that most of the tickets to the show had already been sold and now the organizers are contemplating taking legal measures. “I can tell you that we have no intention of giving up,” stressed Telem. “There was no time for anger during our conversation since it was a crisis management situation, and we only had a few hours before Cassandra was supposed to board the train to the airport… She sent me examples of emails she had received and I got the impression it was no more than a vociferous minority.”   “I told her that in the past few years there has been an increase in visits by A-list artists to Israel, and as an example I mentioned Madonna was to open her international tour here and that Guns & Roses had announced they were coming. Everyone that’s been here and those who plan to come here gave it their considered opinion.

“Aside from the fact that her decision is surprising, the issue has never come up and she’s not a child but an active artist who chose to link herself to us contractually and has already received the full payment.”  He continued to say: “We could have been sympathetic to her decision if the timing had been different, but the way they went about it makes you wonder about their business integrity. We’ll handle it as professionally as possible. We have no intention of letting it slide.”

….. Although not surprisingly I have ZERO interest in seeing Wilson perform,  the reality is that she probably couldn’t cope with the bullying and threats used by the BS and Dreck brigade (BDS) against performers who arrange to play in Israel.

As someone commented “I have an Idea! let’s all bully the hell out of an artist so that he will do whatever we believe in, regardless of his own opinion!   I honestly believe that this is what goes through BDS followers’ minds when they go on an “operation stop a random artist from performing in Israel”.

Once again artists who are scheduled to perform in Israel are going through a virtual brutal and unrestrained attack which is basically just like holding a gun to their head forcing them to follow a belief who’s not theirs.”


Fortunately, not all have folded like Cassandra Wilson.

Alicia Keys is currently standing tall against the bullying tactics and responded to the calls to boycott her upcoming first concert in Israel by stating: “I look forward to my first visit to Israel. Music is a universal language that is meant to unify audiences in peace and love, and that is the spirit of our show.”

An LA based organisation called Creative Community for Peace is leading the charge against the BDS bullies.

Alanis Morrissette, who resisted the bullying said “What an amazing and sacred place [Israel] to end the tour”



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