Carr on a retread

Predictably, Foreign Minister Bob Carr is vociferous in his railing about Ben Zygier possibly having had a connection to the Mossad.  See the article here

While there are many unanswered questions about the events related to the tragic death of Ben Zygier, it seems clear that for reasons never stated in public,  the Australia government beat up on Israel over passport issues a couple of years ago at the time of the Dubai killing. So unless, there is something very different, this outburst from Bob Carr, which is an echo of his Q and A performance,  sounds like reheated baked beans, as opposed to more savoury red beans.

As a question on Q and A made clear, Bob Carr’s righteous indignation smacks of double standards.  After all,  what are spy agencies from other countries doing?  How many of them also use passports from other countries.  Is there an inventory?   And while this indignation is based on events from 2 years ago,  where is all the angst about the Australian passport holder who was supposedly involved in the far more recent Bulgarian killing of Israeli tourists see here

If Australian intelligence personnel could have prevented the Bali bombing through the use of foreign passports, one certainly hopes they would have done so.



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