Caroline Glick on Latma, satire and the left

Caroline Glick has penned an excellent article here where she points out the value of humour, satire and ridicule, in influencing opinion. 

The leftists, the ‘intellectuals”, however you wish to describe them .. have as a rule very little sense of humour or for that matter perspective, when it comes to Israel and politics.  Latma has been a great breath of fresh air .. its popularity at the time of the Gaza Flotilla with “We con the world” was just one example of how satire is able to cut through the anti-Israel bile.

Its a good article which touches on how arguments are framed.

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2 thoughts on “Caroline Glick on Latma, satire and the left

  1. Caroline Glick mentions the leftist elites in the media and in the West and in Israel. She includes Hollywood and the Israeli film industry. In some of her Latma spoofs she shows that the Israeli left are always harping on the suffering of the Palestinians. I used to care, but now I don’t see why I should care about their ‘suffering’ if they don’t care about mine.
    Walid Phares in his book “War of Ideas” talks about the problem in Hollywood, where Arab interests prevent films being made about Arab terrorists. Getting around this is the latest book by Daniel Silva, “Portrait of a Spy” which contains an excellent description of Saudi Arabia and Dubai, and the way they promote jihad around the world. It criticises the feeble way the US and British administrations tackle the threats to their own safety. It refers to the Dubai passport incident, and takes on the issue of women’s lack of rights in Sharia law. The hero is, as usual, Gabriel the Israeli secret agent and avenging angel.