CAMERA conference on the global campaign to delegitimize Israel”

CAMERA held a recent conference in Boston, entitled “War by Other Means: The Global Campaign to Delegitimize Israel” .

The 2 day conference featured key leaders in the fight against the global campaign against Israel.

A summary from the Solomonia blog is here

Regarding one of the speakers, the blog writes  “Alex Safian focused on Walt and Mearsheimer’s infamous book, The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy. Safian pointed out that “While many critics of Israel claim that they — at great personal risk — speak truth to power, Walt and Mearsheimer prove that the opposite is true. These days, for so-called intellectuals the surest way to fame and fortune is to bait the Jews. If there is no response to charges about the allegedly nefarious “Israel lobby,” that just proves the charges are true and unassailable. And if there is a response, that also proves the charges are true, with the added benefit that the Walts and Mearsheimers of the world can then claim to be martyrs at the hands of the powerful Israel lobby.” Despite the fact that the authors falsified quotes and abandoned scholarly methodology to ‘prove’ their provocative thesis, the fact that the two held named chairs at two of the world’s leading universities lent great weight to their arguments and led to a clear impact on the popular consciousness.”

Another interesting statement from Tammi Rossman-Benjamin was that Israel supporters should focus on safeguarding students from anti-Semitic harassment as opposed to defending Israel’s reputation. “Strategies which focus on addressing the hostile environment that anti-Semitic behavior creates for Jewish students seem more promising right now, in part because in the current campus climate, defending the basic civil rights of Jewish students is more acceptable than defending the Jewish state,” Rossman-Benjamin said. “Achieving protections for Jewish students, I believe, will almost certainly lead to the diminution of the demonization and delegitimization of Israel on campus.”

Another statement from Bret Stephens of Wall St Journal was “the essential case for Israel is not the conservative, Jewish, or Christian case for Israel – but the liberal case. Today’s young people must be made to understand that the values they support are the values of Israel, and not the values of her adversaries. To accomplish this, Stephens proposes framing the argument not about ‘rights’ per se, but about where rights are better protected. “Where are human life and minorities flourishing?” he asked. “Where is the environment flourishing? Where is the economy flourishing? Where can gay people and women enjoy equality? If you call yourself a liberal or a progressive and you bash Israel, you are a fool or a hypocrite-most likely both.”

Another summary of the CAMERA conference here included a powerful statement regarding the conference “Truth is powerful—if you can get it out above the din of false information that is constantly generated and disseminated about Israel.”


The conference sounded like a fantastic one – congratulations to the organisers at CAMERA.  Hopefully we in the Antipodes and elsewhere will get to see some of the important talks on youtube video, and also learn insights from the discussion groups.

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One thought on “CAMERA conference on the global campaign to delegitimize Israel”

  1. It would have been nice to be in Boston, but meanwhile, it was great to have David Oleskar here in Australia teaching us how to be good ‘advocates for Israel’. He said we should not waste time on those who won’t listen, but try to get out a pro-Israel message to those who are “salvageable”. We should use more pictures and less words, more stories and less long-winded explanations to get our point across.