Britain is so angry about Syria that it has disinvited its ambassador to the wedding

What a powerful move by the British government!  With over 500 protesters shot dead in Syria,  Cameron and Hague have shown their anger and moral outrage by disinviting the Syrian ambassador to the wedding (yawn!)  The Syrians must be devastated.

The contrast between the kid gloves used by Britain and the U.S. against Syria, versus their actions against Egypt and Libya are well illustrated in an article by Barry Rubin here.

In the article, Rubin asks us to consider the following comparison between Mubarak and Assad:

Mubarak: Ally of America; Assad: Enemy of America

Mubarak: Enemy of Iran; Assad: Ally of Iran

Mubarak: Fights revolutionary Islamism; Assad: Sponsors revolutionary Islamism

Mubarak: Opposes international terrorism; Assad: Sponsors international terrorism

Mubarak: At Peace with Israel; Assad: At War with Israel

Mubarak: Supports peace process; Assad: Sabotages peace process

Mubarak: Repressive; Assad: Extremely repressive

Mubarak: Dictatorship with some pluralism; Assad: Total dictatorship

Mubarak: Mixed economy; Assad: Largely Soviet-style statist economy

Mubarak: Limited reforms; Assad: No reforms at all

Obama Response to Egypt Upheaval: Mubarak must go! Yesterday isn’t soon enough!

Obama Response to Syria Upheaval: I’m sure if we show a little patience and understanding Bashar will show himself the Westernized, sensitive reformer we expect him to be.

A lot is made about Assad the “trained ophthalmologist” – there’s a fair amount of tunnel vision going on here.

Talking of the wedding (but with even wider relevance), I liked a comment heard on the radio this morning from a representative of the British republican group – “Britain is being turned into a medieval theme park!”

.. and in case you were worried, the Iranian ambassador is a most welcome wedding guest!

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