Approaches to boycotters

An article from an advocacy group in New Mexico here provides a rationale for the boycott of those who would boycott Israel.  The writers, Roz Rothstein and Roberta Seid, PhD are from Stand With Us

They state that “Any public figures, retailers, institutions or organizations that adopt or defer to BDS policies should themselves be boycotted.  They should be boycotted because they advocate destructive rather than constructive, measures. BDS is anti-coexistence, undermines peace efforts, and does nothing to help Palestinians begin state building, improve their lives, or move toward reconciliation.  They should be boycotted because BDS policies are fundamentally anti-Semitic even though some of the movement’s advocates are Jews. The campaign uses the propaganda techniques and imagery of classical anti-Semitism now applied not to individual Jews, but to the world’s largest Jewish community and its only Jewish State. Boycott activists strip away all context for Israel’s actions, such as ongoing terrorism and the virulent ideology that propels it, in order to depict Israel as motivated by sheer malice in what are often simply modern blood libels. They obsessively put a microscope on Israel to detect its flaws, and expect it to live up to standards they do not expect of any other nation. They never call for BDS against nations that do systematically commit war crimes and human rights abuses, such as Ahmadinejad’s Iran, Bashir’s Sudan, Lebanon’s apartheid practices against Palestinians, or Turkey’s occupation of northern Cyprus and violent repression of its Kurdish minority. They should be boycotted because of their hypocrisy.”

The authors strongly conclude that “Consumers should boycott any retailers who refuse to stock Israeli products, and support the new StandWithUs campaign, “BIG” and “RIG,” acronyms for “Buy Israeli Goods” and “Request Israeli Goods.”  It is time to expose the distorted values that drive the BDS movement, and its alliance with the most repressive and dangerous forces in the world today. It is time to unequivocally say no to this BDS movement and to all who would consider complying with it.”

The BIG and RIG acronyms also fit well with the Buycott approach of promoting Israeli sales.

For another positive approach – Daphne Anson’s excellent blog provides a link to a blog of Richard Millett who provides videos of an effective musical counter to anti-Israel chants outside an Ahava Shop in London.

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