An article on Wikileaks by D Bloomfield in the Jerusalem Post here describes the expression “booyea”. 

It reflects the response by leaders in the Arab world and the West, to Israeli actions such as the bombing of the Iraqi nuclear reactor -“boo!” in public,  “yea!” in private. 

The Wikileaks provides important evidence supporting Netanyahu’s view that defanging Iran is a key first step to moving things forward in Middle East peace.. and contradicts the Obama position that solving the Israel-Palestinian issue is required to then get support from Arab leaders.  Instead, the Arab leaders have been strongly urging action against Iran.

David Horowitz in the Jerusalem Post exposes the defects in Obama’s position

Greg Sheridan in the Australian provides a thoughtful analysis.  He notes that “There is a danger that the bitchy gossip in the cables – a perfectly normal part of the diplomat’s need to assess the subjective qualities of significant figures, as well as their formal policies – will obscure their substance.  The over-arching theme of the cables is the growing danger of the proliferation of nuclear weapons technology and the sustained, difficult, pretty much thankless task the Americans are engaged in, on behalf of all of us, to try to stop this from happening.”

Sheridan adds “One of the clear revelations from these leaked cables is that numerous Arab leaders have asked the Americans to take military action to stop Iran getting nuclear weapons.  One might note that this does rather give the lie to the insane notion – peddled not least by US academics John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt – that an all-powerful Jewish lobby is the only group in the world so exercised about a nuclear Iran as to consider supporting military action.  Instead, all over the Arab world, rulers are begging the Americans to do anything they can, even military action, to stop Tehran acquiring nukes.”

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