Bibi your slip is showing

There’s something too predictable about yesterday’s announcement in Israel of new building in Jerusalem and the West Bank, timed to correspond with the release of the Palestinian murderers.

It looks and sounds increasingly transparent as a ploy by Netanyahu to “placate the masses”.

Just as Netanyahu mentioned the E1 gambit after the Palestinian UN initiative last year,which resulted in a lot of hot air and no action,  he now appears to be trying to establish tough guy credentials  to his fellow party politicians because he is being rightly criticised for releasing people who did absolutely horrible things.  It’s hard to even read about the vicious killings perpertrated by these Fatah members.  It must be so devastating for the relatives of the killed Israeli civilians  to see their killers go free.

It is also irritating to know that the Israelis have multiple steps before any building actually happens –  each one announced with fanfare guarranteed to cause an uproar.    Is there any other country besides Israel where there is such a bizarre attitude to building?

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The way these murderers are being released as a political tactic sounds like the farcical trade in Don’t you mess with the Zohan – see here



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