Bias stirred in the pot

CAMERA has a good analysis of a program from Anthony Bourdain, host of CNN’s culinary adventure show, “Parts Unknown”  – which was set in Israel and the territories.

The host exhibits many of the anti-Israel tactics we have learned to expect – see here complete with an upfront disclaimer against accusations of bias. Steven Stotsky, the writer of the article gives examples of the double standards used by Bourdan.

Stotstky writes “Bourdain and his cameramen focus on anti-Arab graffiti and so-called “price tag” attacks by Jewish settlers. Later at the home of a settler-chef, Bourdain chides his hosts over why they haven’t remove the offensive scrawl as the camera records their evident discomfort. No similar challenging questions are directed at his Palestinian hosts, even though Arab attacks on Jewish settlers are more frequent, more brutal – often targeting entire families including infants – and far more lethal. Even according to figures from the pro-Palestinian advocacy group B’Tselem, in the past thirteen years, 23 Arabs have been killed by Jewish settlers in cases that were that were not clearly acts of self-defense. During that same period 215 Jewish settlers were murdered by Arabs.

Bordain never broaches the subject of Palestinian support for suicide bombings or asks his hosts for their thoughts on Article Seven of the Hamas Covenant which states, “The hour of judgment shall not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them…” The fact that the government of Gaza invokes religion to sanction murdering Jews apparently doesn’t exercise Bourdain’s indignation as much as anonymous anti-Arab graffiti.

His strained conversation with the Jewish settlers contrasts with the exuberance he feels during a visit with a mixed marriage couple – a Jewish woman and her Muslim husband – who run a restaurant in a Palestinian village where she is the only Jew.  Bourdain also might have wondered why there are no Jews in the Gaza Strip and asked his Palestinian hosts there if they agreed with Maen Areikat, PLO ambassador to the U.S., when he responded “absolutely” to the question of whether it would be necessary to remove every Jew living within the borders of a future Palestinian state.

Stotsky adds ” Bourdain’s visit to a Jewish settlement in the West Bank, however, marked the point of departure from any semblance of balance. Borrowing directly from Palestinian talking points, he states, “half a million [Jewish] settlers have moved here, all in contravention of international law.”  While many hold the opinion that Jewish settlement in the West Bank as illegal, the authoritative document, United Nations Security Council Resolution 242, designates the West Bank as disputed territory, rendering the status of Jewish settlements as indeterminate until the conflict is resolved. UNSC Resolution 242 is the official American position.”

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