Ben-Dror Yemini speaks in Sydney

I spent a most worthwhile hour listening to Ben-Dror Yemini speak in Sydney last night.

He provided an overview of the Middle East, and his take on the propaganda war against Israel.  He is a lawyer who began his focus on the defence of Israel against lies, after seeing the evil of the first Durban conference in 2001.

He website is called Mid East Truth which we will link to on the right.  His take on Gideon Levy and Haaretz was that it is better to combat their anti-Israel articles with the truth (e.g. the Apartheid slur) than to try to shut the paper down.  One slight disappointment to me was that his attention in the talk was drawn to exposing the lies rather than proposing solutions … there must be a book title  “When facts are not enough” Nonetheless his points were excellent, as is his website.

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