BDS – a video expose

We’ve written before about this pernicious organisation before – (BDS = BS separated by Dreck) – but it reared its head more recently in Sydney courtesy of the Sydney Peace and Conflict Centre Director, Jake Lynch.

Here was one letter from a Judy from Balmain.  “Sydney Uni should make Jake Lynch resit Conflict Resolution101. Rule One of CR: the facilitator must remain impartial or handover. I’ve never heard of a CR professional taking sides in a conflict between 2 people/s both in a state of fear and anger. Nor am I aware of a Blame Game School of CR. So: Jake Lynch: Fail Minus! Shouldn’t there be a board to accredit CR Studies? Or can any old axe-grinder with a postgrad degree start one up and then attract oodles of govt dosh for his hobbyhorse?”

Here is a good article about what bds is on about, together with an excellent video exposing the hope that “BDS will help bring about the defeat of Zionist Israel and victory for Palestine”

As the video ends won’t get fooled again

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