BBC video: too even-handed for the anti-Israel crowd

A TV documentary on the Gaza Flotilla was recently shown on BBC Panorama Series.  The documentary which was made by Jane Corbin and entitled “Death in the Med” is shown here Part 1 and Part 2

The anti-Israel crowd, who are used to being stroked by the BBC, are agitated by the even-handedness displayed – as reported by the Jerusalem Post. and commented on here by Ray Cook.  Maybe, just maybe, the BBC is getting a clearer sense of what is happening – or else this is just an aberration.

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2 thoughts on “BBC video: too even-handed for the anti-Israel crowd

  1. Unfortunately, I think it’s an aberration. Jane Corbin is married to John Maples, MP, a former Conservative Shadow Cabinet minister and member of Conservative Friends of Israel. While I don’t think this fact influences her – I didn’t think her Panorama programme on East Jerusalem some months ago was particularly even-handed, for example – I do think she’s comparatively untarnished by the Jeremy Bowen school of BBC journalism. Bowen, the BBC’s biased-towards-the-Palestinians Middle East editor, would appear to have no control over Ms Corbin at Panorama – only news reporters – and that might be a factor.

  2. It is good news for Israel and for the UK if the BBC is starting to show the truth about Muslim extremism. I also saw this week’s 7.30 report showing the opposition to the mosque at Ground Zero, and another British program about Muslim extremism which showed the British media making tentative steps towards understanding (and preventing) what is going on in Britain. Perhaps, now that Europe is on the brink, some people are waking up.