Baltzer Wood

One of the most light-weight of woods is Balsa, and that was what I reminded of when I listened to Anna Baltzer present her canned lecture in Sydney.

Her article published in the Australian pretty much encapsulates her sentiments here and she has a few youtube videos you can find tooling around on the internet.

As is rote for people like her, she begins her pitch with the cliche that “she grew up thinking Israel could do no wrong,  and then lo her eyes were opened up to the suffering of the Palestinians and the brutality of the Israelis .. and the same thing can happen to you!”

She glosses over any Palestinian violence and urges her audience to do the same – after all, far more o f the Palestinian protests are non-violent!   Her devotion to Palestinian human rights is repeatedly stressed, while her lack of concern for Israelis or their security is quite apparent.  

Like any Jewish shill for the anti-Israel line, she emphasises her “Jewish American” status at every opportunity.  Baltzer can throw in the “grandchild of Holocaust survivors”  phrase for good measure.  I wondered what Baltzer’s  attitude would be to Malki Roth, also a grand-daughter of Holocaust survivors, who was murdered by a West Bank Palestinian suicide-bomber in downtown Jerusalem  before the barrier was built.  The different responses to Malki’s murder were so telling – Arnold and Frimet Roth,  Malki’s parents, established Keren Malki which provides assistance for special-needs Israeli children,  both Jewish and Arab.  In contrast, Arafat handed out sweets in celebration and a Nablus university staged a triumphant exhibition of the suicide bombing complete with mock body parts! 

Baltzer’s vision for the future, surprisingly stumbling and hesitant considering her global trotting, seems to be that boycotts of Israel (not just settlements) is the way to go, that “2 states” is dead and that some sort of one-state solution that discounts an idea of a Jewish state is the just and democratic one.

Baltzer is young and peppy, and I suppose her talks will rally a few troops and influence a few young minds to share her opinion that boycotts of Israel are “cool” and that even some Jews like her agree. However her “award-winning, Fullbright winning status” didn’t result in a talk that was any stronger than Balsa. 

Nonetheless, it is a reminder that the anti-Israel brigade are active, and we need to look at ways to combat their distortions and influence for harm.

Here is something on balsa wood as used by my brother for his model airplane – many hours construction for that one immortal maiden flight, ending in a glorious though fatal crash.

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One thought on “Baltzer Wood

  1. I know your posting is about Baltzer and her standard fare, but thanks for pointing out the Keren Malki site. Arnold and Frimet Roth are so impressive in what they have established in honour of their daughter Malki, and Arnold’s video speech at the Hague is very powerful.