Baha’i in Haifa and Iran

One of the memorable places to visit in Haifa is the Baha’i gardens – other pictures and information are on their website.

Unfortunately, in Iran the Baha’i are being hounded in different guises as described in this report where an Iranian official spoke about the danger of the spread of Baha’ism and Christianity. He said, “Officials and eminent figures in each town must become completely unified in extinguishing such threats, and hand in hand must educate the people about the danger in these groups and in this regard must become fully united.” Hujjatu’l-Islam Hakim added, “Almost all the Baha’i leaders in the town of Chalus have been arrested, imprisoned or exiled. However, there is no clear [legislated] law for confronting the Baha’is.”

Meanwhile Iran is looking at making further ideologic inroads, not only in Lebanon but in Bahrain and other countries in the region – taking advantage of a perception of US weakness. The tactics used by Iran are described in this article as well as how they are circumventing bans on money transfer.

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