Australian politics, trade unions and Israel

Although much of today’s news is consumed by Julia Gillard’s ascension to Prime Minister,  an article earlier in the week by Peter Hartcher about the meeting between former PM Rudd and Jewish leaders excited considerable interest. 

Vex News provides insight into Trade Union machinations regarding Israel.  As Vex News writes “MPs recently received a letter from Peter Jennings, a comrade who runs an arm of the ACTU called  APHEDA which gives aid – mainly in the area of training – to people in countries in need. It’s not the worst idea the ACTU has ever had but sadly this organisation has a stridently anti-Israel bent that continues to disgust and appall Labor moderates.”

The Jennings letter begins “We at Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA believe Australia should finally add its voice to those many nations calling for an end to the economic blockade of Gaza.”  and proceeds to provide a one-sided anti-Israel critique. 

But, as Vex News adds, “VEXNEWS has obtained a letter which shows that at least one of the recipients of the ACTU’s rant was not letting it go without response. Senator Feeney’s response to this ill-considered typical APHEDA attack on Israel is indeed a joyful and comprehensive demolition job on the strange thoughts underpinning Jennings’ assumptions.”

In their Vex News article here,  the letter from Jennings and the wonderful reply from Senator David Feeney are reproduced.  The Feeney letter shows just how the anti-Israel protests regarding Gaza can be addressed and demolished point by point.

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