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A friend recently told me how impressed he had been by his recent visit to Ashdod – the art gallery, the restaurants and the overall feel of the city.  Although it’s obviously not the same as the real thing, here is a virtual trip to savour some of the features of Ashdod. 

Firstly, the Museum of Art – the MonArt, (see picture) with its current exhibition including links to the participating artists. Ashdod is an important contributing to the creative Israel art scene – as highlighted in Artis.  And for something different, have a look at Heeb Magazine 

 Then on to the fascinating Green submarine project which is described as “the fruit of cooperation between the Port Company and the Ashdod Art Museum at the Monart Center. This is a green section, integrating ecological teaching with diversified artistic activity.  A special emphasis in the section is placed on the relationship men – sea – environment, and the development of comprehension thru artistic doing, with regard to the connection of each one of us with the protection of the environment.”.. They write “The section is designed like a green submarine – moored at the Ashdod Port – enabling a deepening, double meaning, of the commitment to the environment. In the submarine is a variety of art activities that make use of various materials and all types of wasted, movies that deal with the connection between art and the environment, men and the sea (the short movies are projected in unique “periscopes”) as well as a gallery showing alternating exhibits all related to art, the use of materials, and protection of the environment.”   Ashdod’s efforts to marry the economic with respect for the environment is impressive ..  For more on Ashdod port, see here.

The allure of Ashdod is reflected by the variety of its immigrants.  Those from the former Soviet Union have contributed to the ACADMA conservatory, a professional educational institute for music and performance studies.   It serves as a home for 600 young musicians in different fields.  ACADMA is described in this site of music from Israel’s South. Ashdod is also home to the Israel prize winning Israeli Andalusian Orchestra, a musical offering of which is heard here.  Also the Orchestra provides a great version of Yedid Nefesh and a lyrical piece for mandolin and orchestra.

Wikipedia has a good overall review of Ashdod, with a historical overview reaching from the biblical days, including the “plague of Ashdod” to more recent times.

And for a dynamic promo video of Ashdod, see here.

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