As progressive as a 10th century donkey

For those who take the assault of the “progressives” on Israel personally, it is a small comfort to see that their aim is sufficiently diffuse to include dismay at the recent killing of Osama bin Laden. 

Nick Dyrenfurth pens an excellent article in the Australian, entitled Nihilist Left brings progressives into disrepute.

Dyrenfurth writes “To be sure, bin Laden was opposed to every tenet of modern progressive politics; secular democracy, representative government, a hatred of feudal or class-based inequity, equality of the sexes, anti-racism and the core values of the Enlightenment itself.  No self-respecting social democrat mourned his death. And yet, had one’s daily reading habits been confined to sections of so-called “progressive” opinion, bin Laden’s death was a matter of profound regret. The extra-judicial killing was a denial of due process, celebrity lawyer Geoffrey Robertson protested, oblivious to the impossibility of capturing or trying bin Laden. “[It’s] hard to celebrate one more corpse,” opined Jeff Sparrow, a devotee of the violent Bolshevik thug, Leon Trotsky, on ABC’s The Drum. Not to be outdone, Crikey’s Hunter S Thompson-wannabe, Guy Rundle, downplayed bin Laden’s crimes claiming that: “Morally speaking, 9/11 was no worse than a B-52 run over Vietnam.”

To one local pundit’s remark “Bin Laden died a man who profoundly changed the landscape of the world.” Dyrenfurth dryly replies “Well, yes, he certainly changed Lower Manhattan’s landscape.”

Dyrenfurth concludes “It is high time these values-free misfits received a new appellation.  Practically speaking, they oppose mainstream Left thinking on virtually every subject. Amazingly they can see no tangible difference between a theocracy and a democracy nor denounce Islamic fundamentalism in unequivocal terms. To my mind, they should be known for what they are: nihilists.  So let them rail against liberal democracy and chant: “We are all Hezbollah” from the rooftops but do not besmirch the good name of others by deeming themselves Left. No, let them stand with like-minded nihilists, Jew-haters and other enemies of social democracy, including a recently deceased jihadist unlikely to be enjoying a judenrein paradise of virgins. On behalf of the sane Left, good riddance to the lot of them.”

The self description as a “progressive” is reminiscent of the communist countries that called themselves “The democratic republic of ..”

Back to the donkey, “me donkey want water, hold ’em Joe”

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One thought on “As progressive as a 10th century donkey

  1. Speaking of Bin-Laden supporters, SBS Dateline (Wed 11/5) showed a group in London called “Muslims against Crusaders” marching in the street. Their leader is someone Chaudhry. The saddest thing is to see British policemen walking alongside them, as they threaten the west with incitement to mass murder (well, it is implied). Then there are some right-wing protesters – and some of these are arrested. All these Muslim extremists – especially their spokesman and leader – are a threat, and yet they are not arrested or deported. This is a sad metaphor for the decline of Britain. It will not defend itself. It waits and waits to be attacked, but will not defend itself from the ideology that is the match to the bomb.