ANZAC Day – the Zion Mule Corps

It’s always a meaningful time to see older Australians with their medals worn on ANZAC day.

This year, the emotions are mixed with my recent going to see the powerful play Warhorse.

In previous years, we have mentioned on the blog the Zion Mule Corps, pre-state Israeli unit of the British Army Royal Fusiliers (see here and here ) which linked closely with the ANZACS at Gallipolli.

This year, I am delighted to  include photos of the Corps set to bagpipe music from David Siegel – see here

More related information here on Colonel Patterson and here on the history of the Jewish Legion.

Some information on Israel-Australia relations here , here,  here,  here and a particularly fascinating piece about a book by Rodney Gouttman on Eliezer Margolin.
















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