Anniversary of the 1947 UN recognition of Israel

November 29 is the anniversary of the UN recognition of Israel

This wonderful moment in Jewish history is commemorated in this article here and with a moving video here – where one  Israeli said that the vote changed the people from objects to subjects of history. (other videos here and here)

A few interesting stories about the vote here (the key role of Thor Thors, the Iceland Ad Hoc committee member) .. so many people played roles behind the scenes, but Abba Eban’s biography provides a great account of the time.

Particularly intriguing is the role played by Nelson Rockefeller where he was said to have engineered positive votes among Latin American countries in return for Israel being quiet about Rockefeller’s WW2 links with Nazi Germany – as described here and in more detail in the Loftus and Aaron’s book “The secret war against the Jews”

Australia was the first country to vote YES (Afganistan NO,  Argentina Abstain,  Australia YES) – a pictorial history of the positive links between Israel and Australia is  and it was great to read in J-Wire of the speech by Prime Minister Julia Gillard (and Ron Weiser) at the NAB Yachad Scholarship Luncheon.

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