An appeal to common sense

A speech from 2011 by Scottish Professor Dennis MacEoin  is worth a perusal.  He is blasting a boycott-Israel student initiative on campus in Edinburgh.

His speech reads well.

He appeals to the students to look at the evidence; He appeals to them to become knowledgeable, to use their brains… to get common sense.    It certainly is an important battle.

Here is another equally good letter from him with a link to his blog, which contains some brilliant letters that he has penned.  For instance, read this “Letter to a Liberal”

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2 thoughts on “An appeal to common sense

  1. I just read “Letter to a Liberal” and I was blown away. Thankyou Dennis MacEoin. Apart from supporting Israel, it went so far as to state in simple words that Hitler would approve of the so-called liberals for the depth of their antisemitism. Another liberal that has had enough of the Left anti-Israel views is non-Jewish but Jewish-sounding Nick Cohen. His book “What’s Left?” analyses what’s been going on in Britain. He realised that so-called liberals in the UK were so keen to denounce the war in Iraq in order to oppose Tony Blair, that they didn’t care that left-wing Iraqis were happy that Saddam was gone.