An analysis of the Middle East situation

Hussein Agha and Robert Malley have written an interesting analysis of the Middle East situation in the New York Review of Books here.

As two authors whose views would not be regarded as particularly sympathetic to Israel’s situation, their perspective is worthwhile reading, including their assessment of the Obama White House’s stance.

Agha and Malley devote little attention in their article to Iran,  but with protests continuing in Teheran, major political change in Iran in 2010 would have significant potential for change in the whole area.

The New York Review of Books has quite a few articles focussed on Israel so we have added a link to their website for reference.

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One thought on “An analysis of the Middle East situation

  1. I agree with you that Iran will be the big story in 2010.
    Prediction: 1. Regime change by March, with the brave Iranian protesters refusing to back down. Hamas and Hezbollah will suddenly be without a very important paddle, as will many other players, including our good friends the leftists. 2. The new Iranian government will stop the nuclear program in exchange forstopping sanctions, and resumption of regular relations. 3. I’ll be stopping at Teheran airport on the way to Israel by 2012, just as I used to – there is no great animosity between the average Iranian and Israel.