An Alternative Iranian Viewpoint

During the height of the post-Iranian election protests, was an influential medium for getting out the message of the brave Iranian protesters.  Their thoughts remain very relevant, since a regime change orchestrated by the opposition remains an important hope.  

So what are they currently saying? has a thoughtful article on why the Iranian regime should be prevented from “getting the bomb”.

The author states that the Iranian regime should not get its hands on a bomb, not because of Israel, not because of Europe, not because of Saudi Arabia and not because of the U.S.  It should not get its hands on a bomb because if it does, it will use it as another instrument of terror against the Iranian people. 

Mousavi, leader of the Iranian opposition movement states that the Iranian opposition shared international concerns about a nuclear-armed Iran.

A third sobering and distressing article is entitled “Is democracy a relic of the past”.   While Kevin Rudd has been swanning himself in triumph over the recent G20 meeting,  this article laments that “Liberal democracy has long since been pronounced dead by many, correctly or not. The reality in the post Soviet, post U.S. world entering BRIC (Br, In, China) and G-XX era is that there is little room for ideology or rights. Indeed if you look at the latest G-20 press release, it is a listing that has very little to do with ideology or rights issues. It stands out for its blandness, lack of creativity and any material substance for that matter. The only noticeable item is the one we did not need any G-20 show. That they will do their utmost (wink wink) to ensure global recovery is supported or continued.

The author adds that “This is good if you believe that economic well being of the masses (that essentially is about 1/2 the population of the Earth) should be the main objective. Regardless of the ‘moral’ implications of this approach, that is bad news if you are Iranian (inside Iran), Burmese (Myanmar), Iraqi and a few other countries and regions, albeit for different reasons. The world will no longer support you based on human rights or any other well defined non-economic consideration. Welcommmmmme… to the machine.” 

The article concludes “Alas, the Iranians will need to fight to the bitter end if we are to see a resemblance of normalcy in Khake Pake (Pure Earth) Iran as we don’t seem to have the Feng Shui and odds are stacked heavily against us. Do you hold hope for Democracy?” A reminder.

Professor Bernard Lewis gave a talk at the Dayan Centre earlier this year which provides an excellent overview of Iran, historically and current including the apocalyptic thoughts of its leaders.

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