Amateur Hour

Charles Krauthammer and many others are not impressed by Pres Obama’s thinking pro and against an attack in Syria.  Comments from Krauthammer are here  here and here emphasising the amateur hour aspect of it.  As he says, if Obama wants to send a message, a text is cheaper.

Pres Obama is clearly uncomfortable and uncertain  about what should happen, and must rue his “red line on chemical weapons” remark.  Similarly, his inability to get allies on board, and now having the Pope speaking against military action, is a indictment of his failure to engage others.  It doesn’t seem that new PM Tony Abbott will want to be particularly supportive of an Obama strike, see here  It will be interesting to see how the new Liberal government approaches its temporary role as chairman of the Security Council.

One can hope that the interaction with Putin will somehow result in a serious effort at a peace deal in Syria, which includes Syrian chemical weapons being put under the control of the UN or a joint US/Russian force, but it doesn’t look promising.

Meanwhile a report suggests that the chemicals used to produce Sarin gas were provided by Western countries, in particular Britain. see here

Surprisingly, there are noises that AIPAC in the US is supportive of a strike, see here even though Israel has stayed studiously and wisely out of the firing line or for that matter making any specific comment.


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