Alternative Universes

Melanie Phillips has written a thoughtprovoking article entitled The Alternative Universe of the Western Left

Phillips begins “Any rational and fair-minded individual who has been following the unfolding of the Turkish terrorist flotilla saga …. would doubtlessly have felt, watching the BBC1 Andrew Marr show this morning, that they had strayed into a parallel universe from which reason had totally departed.”

The article is well worth reading, as well as the accompanying letters.  They include the following 

The major problem with BBC News and Current Affairs is that key figures in the organisation seem to have decided that balanced and informative reporting is no longer their responsibility. What they have opted for is a kind of campaigning journalism with a mission to educate the public to the ‘correct’ liberal left, Guardian approved, viewpoint. Is there no way of calling these people to account and preventing the BBC from presenting the liberal left world view as though it were the obvious and morally incontestable truth?”

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