All for one, and one for all

 The Jerusalem post contains a great article about very attractive 19-year old triplets who have recently joined the Israeli Air Force.

It was also interesting to read in the article here that they are daughters of a former writer for the Jerusalem Post, Sam Orbaum, who died at the age of 46.

Sam Orbaum wrote some humorous articles for the Jerusalem Post under the column “But Seriously” – here is one where he took his Canadian childhood custom of buying Chanukah presents the day after Christmas to its logical Israeli conclusions… e.g. buying Matzot the day after Pesach finished. 

And to fit with the festival of “lites” (Chanukah day 3 of Latkas and still counting!)  read Sam Orbaum’s very funny sketch The Absolutely True Story of Chanukah where he clears up a few mysteries ….      here are some ending sentences 

“Judah was more than ready to go, to win back Jerusalem. He dropped the dreidl into his traveling pouch, and a few other items the high priest asked for. But Goldius was not about to let him take the family candelabrum.   “It was a gift from my Uncle Julius!” she reminded him.  Judah rolled his eyes. “But woman, it is needed for the Temple, to replace the golden menora stolen by the Syrians. The Temple!”
Goldius said he could take the one little Eliezer had made in school. “It’s very nice, you said so yourself.”

“The one with the nine branches? But they’ll laugh at me.”  Which they did.  But never mind. Jerusalem was won, the Temple rededicated, and G-d, for some unearthly reason, intervened to ensure the dregs of oil persisted for eight days, which inspired someone from the crowd to shout “Happy Hanukka!” the whyfor of which no one understood.

“Y’know,” said one of the guys as he flipped an ancient shekel into the ante out behind the Temple, “the priests are saying it was all a miracle.” He spun the dreidl. “I’m bruised all over, my legs are killing me, my sword is just about ruined from all the Syrian bones I crunched, and now they’re saying    ‘Thank G-d we won.’ If that’s the thanks we get, frankly, we could have stayed home.”

“Another week, and the Maccabees’ll be totally forgotten.”
“You’re wrong. Some day they’ll be naming beers after us, and basketball teams. Mark my words.”

For more from Sam Orbaum, here is a link to such gems as “Why Arafat got Arafatter”,  and “BS and the Prime Minister.”   The link also describes him as “Sam, more than anyone else, gave humorous voice to the tribulations of Anglo-Israeli immigrants, while slyly celebrating their Zionist commitment”.  He also cofounded the Jerusalem Scrabble Club. 

We wish the triplets all the best,  in the defence of Israel and the Jewish people.

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